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About IBD

Integral Business Development, LLC was founded in 2014 by Tom Wanne. Our mission is to support and build businesses, leveraging a broad business experience set, analytical and web skills, planning  acumen, developed networks, media, strategic partnerships,
The Wedge Distribution, a thirst to learn, and a kind heart.
 Kindness is a business model, an approach and platform for growth.
"A rising tide lifts all boats", John F Kennedy & Ted Sorensen

About Tom Wanne

Mt. Baker Ski Area 2016. BIntegral Business Development, LLC - Building Businesses
Love friends, fun, technology, music, sports, coaching, nature and games.



The Wedge Distribution

2016 - Present  | Bellingham, WA, USA

The premium destination for music stores, educators and musicians.

We make it easy to purchase and resell premium products from around the globe.

We specialize in the music industry, partnered in the building of brands and businesses.

Peak through the fog...

Premium Brands from the USA, Germany, and Japan:
Bari MouthpiecesBham4UChasson GuitarsFiberreed and FiberRodForestoneInEarKey LeavesMusique de MarcNadir SaxwindSound SynergiesTheo Wanne InstrumentsWind Wynder, Reed Geek, The Sweet Spots, KIMAFUN, Peak Music Stands, and more.


Integral Business Development, LLC

2014 - Present  | Bellingham, WA, USA


I love building businesses; the ultimate puzzle of strategic assessment and adjustment to a constantly changing, technology and relationship driven, competitive environment. Running a business can be all encompassing, truly stretching personal and business resources.  Support and planning can mean the difference. 

Goals. Analyze. Prioritize. Plan. Execute.

     Fiberreed: Stuttgart, Germany:  Support all business growth; all  divisions. Comprehensive business

         planning and execution. New products: Hemp Reed, FiberRod, FiberPlate. and FiberForm.

      Key Leaves: Seattle, WA:  Support all business growth; all  divisions. Comprehensive business

         planning and execution.

     Nadir Saxwind: Hamburg, Germany:  Support global, multi-channel growth of Guardala Reborn and

         Nadir mouthpieces.

     FiberreedUSA: Long Beach, CA:  Support growth of FiberreedUSA business, the distribution of

         Fiberreed products in USA.

     Chasson Guitars: Bellingham, WA: Support business growth. One-year sabbatical to build house. 

         Very limited production and availability for new, custom, renowned guitars.

Head Coach or Assistant Coach

Whatcom Rangers FC

2007 - 2018 (10 years)  | Bellingham, WA, USA


WFC Rangers believes that the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics and soccer helps develop maturity and self-confidence. We believe that the experiences a player has with Rangers will be beneficial throughout his/her lifetime.

The focus is the development of the individual player in conjunction with team building and competitiveness. Our goal is to maximize the development of the individual through programming that challenges each player, a coaching staff that adheres to high standards, and first class facilities. WFC Rangers is resolute in dedicating its time and resources to the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of playing soccer.


Excellence Northwest

2012 - 2013  (2 years) | Bellingham, WA, USA


Excellence Northwest is a local non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening individuals through innovative courses that support people in creating the life they love. Live big through supportive, dynamic, respectful, playful, fun and challenging courses for personal, professional, volunteer, and community excellence.


Theo Wanne Instruments

2004 - 2013 (10 years)  | Bellingham, WA, USA


Partnered with my twin brother and started Theo Wanne Mouthpieces in 2004, bringing our first product to market in the summer 2007. Managed business, marketing, technology, and sales needs, leading company to global success. Managed and inspired our innovative marketing, sales and IT team. Developed our retail, dealer, distributor, and catalog distribution channels. Worked closely with operations and manufacturing to insure the timely and accurate delivery of product to inventory and customers. Orchestrated trades shows, clinics, and concerts around the world.

Senior Vice President - Investments, Investment Management Consultant

Piper Jaffray & Company

2001 - 2003 (3 years)  | Bellingham, WA, USA


Built and lead full-spectrum team to work with high net worth investors and business owners. Guided clients through the planning process to clearly define their goals and map out achievable visions and multi-generational legacies. Built strategic relationships and quarterbacked ongoing collaboration of tax and legal advice from outside professionals to optimize custom strategic plans. Created, presented and actively directed portfolios of private money managers, mutual funds, annuities, as well as individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, and UITs.

Investments, Investment Management Consultant, Financial Advisor

Dain Rauscher

1994-  2001 (7 years)  | Bellingham, WA, USA


Created, implemented, guided and reported on comprehensive macro strategic financial plans that encompassed: cash, debt, education planning, estate planning, financial assets, real estate, risk management (life & health insurance, long-term care, property and causality), tax efficiencies, business retirement plans, business insurance and health plans, business succession plans, executive benefits, and capital financing. Increased assets via referrals and seminars.

Product Manager


1990 - 1994 (4 years)  | Seattle, WA, USA


Developed, marketed, and supported multivariate statistical software, Pirouette. Helped guide software development and code in C and C++. Presented software at trade-shows and to a diverse group of labs nationally, actively running complex analyses of chromatographic, spectrometer and other data sets to demonstrate software value.



MBA, Entrepreneurship

Seattle Pacific University

1991 - 1994 | Seattle, WA, USA

BS in Physics with Applied Computer Science, Minor in Philosophy

Harvey Mudd College

1986 - 1990 | Claremont, CA, USA



Once a physicist: Tom Wanne

Institute of Physics

Jan, 2010

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